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By the early 1700s a band of "nomadic hunter and gatherers", the Comanche, began migrating south and they showed up in the Texas panhandle and in New Mexico.

It was this migration that would drive the Apaches out of the High Plains.

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Historical data says that the Comanche acquired their first horses around 1680.

At this time the Spanish military established a garrison near the Neches River, a boundary stream forming the county lines in what is now East Texas and the Louisiana border.

In the winter of 1693, the Tejas Indians turned hostile which forced the garrison into a tortuous withdrawal from Texas.

The encumbered cortege entered New Mexico, via El Paso, with two luxury coaches, belonging to Oate, eighty-three wagons and seven thousand heads of livestock.

Dressed in full armor plate, these first Europeans that settle New Mexico shape the destiny of what is now the American Southwest.

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