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Auch wenn Roman Delugan das nicht gerne hört, handelt es sich bei dem Gebäude zweifellos um eine Skulptur.

Von jedem Standpunkt aus bietet der Bau, der abends zum riesigen Leuchtobjekt wird, einen anderen Anblick: Hat man ihn von Osten gesehen, ist er von Westen kaum wiederzuerkennen.

The area around the creeks, 960 acres (3.9 km2), ceded to the Crown by the Mississaugas,[3] was auctioned off to William Chisholm in 1827.

He left the development of the area to his son, Robert Kerr Chisholm and his brother-in-law, Merrick Thomas.

Squire sold the property in 1922 and the Cleveland Metroparks acquired it in 1925.

Wikipedia Beavertail Lighthouse Jamestown, RI June 28th, 2014at PM Yeah, I have a thing for sunsets lately.

Ships took rum to West Africa, where it was traded for slaves.

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Slave commerce was an important part of Rhode Island’s economy for around 100 years.

As the international oil company’s former research centre, this area which is situated close to the city centre and along the the busy urban water vein held a sensitive function.

It used to be an isolated wasteland, hermetically secured and not accessible to the public.

Oakville's first industries included shipbuilding, timber shipment, and wheat farming.

In the 1850s, there was an economic recession and the foundry, the most important industry in town, was closed.

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